Mahi Mahi Redfish Venice La Deep Sea Fishing

Mahi Mahi Redfish Venice La Deep Sea Fishing
Capt Blair Wiggins heads to Venice Louisiana to fish inshore for redfish and offshore for mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”rAeeRlbcux4″ title=”Mahi Mahi Redfish Venice La Deep Sea Fishing” upload_time=”2015-12-04T14:06:56.000Z” description=”Capt Blair Wiggins heads to Venice Louisiana to fish inshore for redfish and offshore for mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna. ▬▬▬▬▬ Tackle Used in this” duration=”PT19M25S”]

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  1. There should be a law to punish all people who fish for sport by hooking their mouths with the same hooks they hook the fish.

  2. Uploaded in 2015? Had to be way before, because sadly….RIP crew….that’s the Deepwater Horizon at 4:41 🙁

  3. I sure used to slay the Sheephead, Redfish, Snook, many species of Snapper, Flounder, speckled trout. Every now and again we hooked a Tarpon, never landed one though. Thought about the “bow to the king” tactic and never gave it consideration until maturing, let slack in that set hook she can’t spit out. SW Florida. Venice to be specific… Reminds me of catching a monster Red and she was spectacular. Had 5+ dots (can’t remember may have been 6 or 7. Let her go as I wished her to spawn thousands more. Great videos here and the music adds thrill. More people need to enjoy this sport. It’s the best.

  4. Clarification: “look at all the Dolphin” is not really right. The fish in Spanish is called “Dorado” which means golden, and in Hawaii, it is Mahi Mahi, but in English is is the so called Dolphin Fish. When people just say “Dolphin” they offer confusion to new comers to fishing, because the Bottle nosed Dophin is a mammal, not a fish. Calling them BOTH Dolphin confuses people who don’t fish, or don’t fish much, especially in the ocean.

  5. Great views of the Flat Ocean on the Flat Earth …..cuz water does not bend around the Earth and always finds its own level .
    watch ‘ 200 Proofes the Earth is not a spinning Ball’. By Eric Dubay…….amazing info!

  6. What kind of reel was that that you lost that mystery fish on? That drag was seriously sticky, could have contributed to the pulled hook before you would have landed it.

  7. I wonder when they shot this episode because that rig is the deep water horizon

  8. never fish if your not gunna kill the fish and eat it or its cruel to put it threw all the pain for nothing now that fish has to live with a hole in its mouth like if you agree

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