Red Snapper Fishing 30+

Red Snapper Fishing 30+
Red Snapper Fishing in Venice, LA. 30+ Red Snapper. Recorded on July 27, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”kYTq8bsePJk” title=”Red Snapper Fishing 30+” upload_time=”2009-08-04T04:36:46.000Z” description=”Red Snapper Fishing in Venice, LA. 30+ Red Snapper. Recorded on July 27, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.” duration=”PT5M30S”]

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  1. just some people with alot of money
    this guy doesnt know how to fish if he has to use the belt for a red snapper
    just reel dumbasssss not a shark

  2. your a dumbass if u ever hooked a 30+ pound snapper you would be crying for a belt

  3. you dont even know me bra
    im 6 4″ and 240 pounds
    i could reel in a 50 pound with my brae hands and some line
    thats how i do it back in miami

  4. Im going to start off by saying nice fish but my god yall look like a bunch of beginners. Turn the dam clicker off and just turn the handle no need to pump like that.. You can try to say something about me but im a commerical fisherman and a professional mate.

  5. In Miami, Florida 30+lb snapper is just a mile or two off shore. They’re caught daily.

    Sorry but you fail.

  6. There’s no fail in fishin dude, especially when you acctually land a nice fish like that. lightin up man, is all good.

  7. ya i wouldn’t either the leverage would pull you over…….i use belts for fish >150lb to save my back.

  8. You can’t turn the handle on a 30 pound red snapper. He did a good job getting that fish up. You obviously don’t rig fish for these.

  9. You guys should come rock the Roatan International Fishing Tournament – Roatan XIII International Fishing Tournament September 13th-16th, 2012 – West End Roatan. Visit Facebook/RoatanHomes or YouTube/RoatanHomes for more information and videos of 2011 tournament.

  10. thank you you took the words out of my mouth i cant stand the sound of that clicker unless iam seting my pool down and not holding it ‘sky way fishing pier’ they will loose more fish pumping there pool when the line goes slack so does the fish. great comment fishingPlugs.

  11. thats a really nice fish, and to the idiot who says 30’lb ers are caught all day 2 miles off miami you are a completely full of it. That would have won quite a few tournaments with a $10,000 check for first place. 

  12. 22 to 25 lbs…nowhere near 35…and to the guy from Miami..reds are extremely rare that far’re probably talking about muttons

  13. Beautiful Fish……. We fish out of Freeport, TX. Season started a couple days ago and only lasts 10. Go get another one.

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