Shark Fishing, Venice Beach. Sharky’s Pier

Shark Fishing, Venice Beach. Sharky’s Pier
catching a shark off of sharky’s pier, in venice beach florida.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”95Mf5C7g05s” title=”Shark Fishing, Venice Beach. Sharky’s Pier” upload_time=”2007-10-05T01:44:32.000Z” description=”catching a shark off of sharky’s pier, in venice beach florida.” duration=”PT2M16S”]

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  1. It doesn’t break down into urea. They use the urea which is always present in their blood to help to regulate the salt content in the shark vs. the outside environment. But yes, if you bleed the shark, it will be decent meat. The older the shark, the tougher the meat and the tougher to get out that “sharky” taste. Pretty much why the only sharks I will keep are occasional ones right at the 2 ft minumum (here in Tx). Everything else is released.

  2. Fucking retards had to catch and kill another shark. Because of retards like that, shark population dropped by 90% since the early nineties. Fuckers

  3. Because they’re fucking endangered numbnuts, their populations have been depleted by the hundreds of millions since the early nineties.

  4. i was fishing off of pier 60 at clearwater beach shark fishing using cut up lady fish and live pinfish but when i would get a bite, it wouldnt hook think you can help me?

  5. @willgordon13 loool i know! them fuckin snobs that come down from friggin michigan when it gets cold out!

  6. Cryptozoology adventure novel about two boys who find something strange on the beach one night see video book trailer

  7. i am going to sharkies tomorrow to catch a shake so deal with that yu fucking freeks

  8. the guy trying to take out the hook is an idiot…. dont care how long you’ve been doing this, shit still happens. wear protective gear or use the right tools…

  9. @MiSSBuCKNaStY i hope a shark eats you, fucking idiot, first of all, the ocean is the sharks home, humans fault for stepping into the water. i’d bet you’ll shoot a man who just randomly walks into your living room. and another thing, sharks dont like the taste of humans. bullsharks are the only ones that i know of that do, cause they’re garbage eating sharks, they’ll eat anything.

  10. Wanna take the hook out sometime this year asshole?
    Randomly abusing wild animals is a game for cowards and morons.

  11. I hope u die. simple as it is. u r a jerk…possibly a shark will eat you some day, I really hope that you asshole!!!!!

  12. @LAtoOC I disagree with you it is a fun fish to catch. Yes people do abuse it, but does not mean that the people do not should be punised.

  13. Muah muah I’m a little cry baby who crys about shark fishing. Shut up dammit. This is a fun sport but if you ain’t eating it throw it back. I’m a catch and let go type of guy. Let the fish live and grow some more and you have a guarantee catch for next time.

  14. That is not A FUCKING SHARK YOU DUMBASSES! Come up to jolly roger pier north carolina and try to get some person to put a gaff in that size a shark. We would just fucking winch it up because WE ARE NOT PUSSIES! Dumb ass kids need to learn how to really fish. And also, the end is where only the king mackerel fisherman should be you dumbass fags.

  15. Nice fish but you should have just cut him off instead of hitting him with the flying gaff. No point in dragging him up except to show off which is fine but it was worn out and the battle was already won. It’s like coming home with the bilge full of bluefish nobody wants. Growing up in Fla the fishing was so much better but I’m not sure if it sucks now cause of the hook and line guys, commercial guys or just piss poor management. WTH.

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