KAYAK FISHING – ‘DULAC DAT REDFISH’ Dulac Louisiana (30milesout.com)

KAYAK FISHING – ‘DULAC DAT REDFISH’ Dulac Louisiana (30milesout.com)
Today, Ty Southerland ventures back to his home waters south of New Orleans Louisiana (Houma). First it’s a stop in Lafayette at PACK AND PADDLE to drool over some new kayaks… then its down to Point Aux Chenes and Dulac where Ty and crew chase down the redfish.
BAYOU COAST KAYAK FISHING CLUB makes an appearance to discuss their upcomming kayak fishing tournaments… check it out!



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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”ozmmdH8DPI4″ title=”KAYAK FISHING – ‘DULAC DAT REDFISH’ Dulac Louisiana (30milesout.com)” upload_time=”2013-01-12T07:55:09.000Z” description=”Today, Ty Southerland ventures back to his home waters south of New Orleans Louisiana (Houma). First it’s a stop in Lafayette at PACK AND PADDLE to drool over” duration=”PT9M29S”]

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  1. You and Kevin Whitley are my kayak heroes! I live close to Kevin and fish some of the same stuff he does, would love to fish one day with you! My uncle lives in Texas city and his girlfriend has a house in tiki island and we go to Galveston a lot when I’m there can’t wait to get a kayak in the water down there!

  2. Man I wish I still lived down there, I was too young to appreciate the fishing when I did.

  3. man… that thing is rigged to the hilt when you buy it… not alot to add… maybe a cooler! couple of scottys up front

  4. i have a few vids like that on my kayak fishing talk show on youtube… YAKNTEXAS … check it out…

  5. Ty, I’ve had my eye on those h20 express rods for a while. They look great but how well do they hold up? What length rod do you reccomend for saltwater? What size rod do you use in this video?

  6. Ty…. When are you airing in ESPN2 ?
    Love ur grand ma. For next episode.. she should go with your slogan…
    “Whaaaat ? WHAAAT ?” It would be funny.
    Thanks for taking us in ur trips.
    LCosme (Puerto Rico)

  7. hey LCosme… as for espn2, who knows.. someone called me about doing a show on discovery? it comes up from time to time but nothing has come out of It yet… as for my grandma Boudreaux, sorry to say, she passed away last week….I was blessed to know her all my life… im just glad we got her at the start of this episode… thx for your support and for watching my show bro…. ty

  8. Ty, about those Academy rods. A few years ago, that had a “red” rod, real light, spinning, 6’6″, and hollow glass for 9.99. I bought 6 for members of my family, whom I DO NOT trust with 150.00+ graphites. What has amazed me, is just how great those 9 dollar rods are. We have caught reds to 30″, trout of all sizes and many, many, flounder and croaker. Teamed with a Shimano 12$ reel, they catch just as many fish as my Abu’s and All Stars. Go Figure huh?!

  9. Get on sun sports or great outdoors channel!!! I would watch it as long as there is always great tips haha

  10. Ya going to be in grand isle for “ride the bull”??? Check it out. Hope to see ya out there

  11. No way mr.brian is my dads best freind my dad does a/c work in Houma next time u talk to mr.brian ask him about Glenn’s a/c and heating in Houma

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